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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I dislike United Airlines...

Not actual times, just estimated.

3:20- Check in for flight online, everything seems normal.
3:45- Through the line for baggage check, hour delay.
6:15- Get on plane.
7:30- Get off plane and told to go to customer service by c22 because of the cancellaton of my flight. Told that by the copilot, seeing as the pilot went over his hours.
7:45- Yelled at and told to go to the customer service I passed on the way.
8:00- Told to got to C22 again for a shorter wait.
8:35- Told to call 800 number because line is long.
9:00- Get out of security area and meet my party.
9:05-Requested my luggage be removed from plane. Told that my luggage will be off in two hours. I went to where I stayed.
11:30- Told that they are waiting to get the incoming luggage off first. That Mine will be off at 1 or 2 in the morning. Given dinky toilitry kits.
Next morning: My luggage is in Denver. I was flying from Dulles Virgnia to Portland Oregon. Eck. I'm displeased with their service and lies.


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