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Monday, September 25, 2006

The avoindance must begin again...

So if you must know one year and a half ago ish... very scientific ish is isn't it? Anyways... one and a halfish years ago I was in a 'dance festival' basically, 400+ kids running around on hot astroturf, some in bare feet, in funny costumes. About this time I met him. Lets call him Joe. Joe was kinda annoying. Okay really annoying. He just happened to be my dance festival partner. Joy. So Joe and Mike were on either side of me in the circle of purple prancing teens. Joe and Mike were friends, which of course meant they talked nonstop so I couldn't here instruction. Teenage boys... gah. Anyways, after that was over, I avoided him. Very well, even if I did have a few close calls. Howvere this time he snuck up behind me, like always. At a church dance, which meant when he asked, my concience told me I couldn't say no. Gah. Oh well, my bed is calling my name... well no not really, but I'd rather not push sleep deprivation.


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